WordPress Maintenance done right, so you can simply relax.

Peace of mind.

With a professional background in WordPress support and maintenance, I love giving my clients a service which let’s them relax and takes away the stress that can come with owning a website. If you don’t have a professional already looking after your WordPress maintenance (plugin updates, security monitoring, uptime etc), I’d strongly recommend it!

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Managed Backups

An invaluable service in an age of ever-changing web technologies. Good to know there's a backup if something goes wrong!


Core and plugin updates are an essential part of running a WordPress site. Giving this responsibility to a professional saves you the headache.

Security Scans

Online security is so important. This is especially the case if you have sensitive data stored on your site. Using industry leading security tools and a combination of regular manual scans, I can help ease any security concerns.

Uptime Monitoring

If your website goes down, you need your web developer to be aware of it so they can act accordingly. Using various uptime monitoring tools I can be alerted instantly if your site is down for any reason, kicking me into action to find the cause.


No two websites are the same, so I don’t pigeon-hole sites into set maintenance packages. I think it’s far better to have a conversation around what you need in order to give you a tailored package. 

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