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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We all go to Google to find products or services that we need. When we don’t know the exact website to go to, we use keywords to find what we’re looking for. Search engines like Google will display results in the order in which they believe are most relevant to your search query.

Search engines don’t take kindly to shortcuts, and their interest is to ensure that they deliver quality websites with relevant information each time a user searches for something.

I can work with you to develop a plan of activity and at the end of the agreed term you’ll be provided with a report featuring the statistics and figures you need to view your progress, and to make informed decisions on the next steps if necessary. My experience within the web industry has also given me some great contacts in the field of SEO, so if something has me stumped I know who to point you towards – I don’t pretend to know everything!


Any SEO campaign starts with ensuring your website is up to scratch. This means ensuring your website is built correctly to industry standards, making sure it is accessible regardless of what device its being viewed on, pages are served quickly with minimal loading time and analytics and goals are in place ready for all the new traffic you’re hoping to see.

On page.

It’s not just about your keywords and what you’re doing to climb up rankings, it’s just as much about what your competitors are doing (and not just local or nationally, but internationally). There is a lot of competition out there. Deciding on your keywords is only the start – the clever part comes in looking at what your competitor’s are doing and thinking ahead.

There is a science to SEO, one which I can explain in layman’s terms so that you understand what I’m doing, but I can do all the leg work for you.

Let’s Talk.

Need some guidance with SEO? Looking to boost your position against the competition?